Promoting and representing evangelicalism within Methodism, and Wesleyan evangelicalism within the wider evangelical world


Methodist Evangelicals Together (MET) cherishes it position at the heart of the Methodist Church and as a member of the Evangelical Alliance. MET seeks to provide a voice for local Methodists by being a channel of communication for people who cherish the past and believe in the future, who believe that God still has a purpose for our Church, and play a part in the renewal of the Church.

MET emphasises the Methodist contribution to evangelical theology as:

  • Holiness
  • Grace
  • Social Righteousness

MET holds to the "Four Alls" of Methodism:

  • All need to be saved
  • All can be saved
  • All can know themselves to be saved
  • All can be saved to the uttermost

MET is regularly asked for input into the conferring process at every level of the Methodist Church to provide an evangelical perspective on all areas of the Church's life and mission.

MET encourages members to play a full part in the Methodist Conference, councils and committees of the church and to fulfil their calling in taking up roles and ministries in the local church.

MET has representation on the Evangelical Alliance Council and seeks fellowship with renewal and evangelical bodies of other denominations (eg Headway Ireland, GEAR in the URC church, Maranatha Community, Full Gospel Business Mens Fellowship International).

MET is in partnership with:

  • Cliff College
  • ECG
  • Share Jesus International
  • Summerfire
  • One Rock International