The Street Bible

There seems to be a never-ending stream of new versions of the Bible. Some seem to be such little variations on previous versions that I don’t buy them all. However I did pick of The Street Bible to discover that it had a more radical purpose. It is aimed at the modern urban reader who may have never read a bible before, but it also hits every reader hard. It is engaging and fresh, and yes - it is a paraphrase.

First, note that it is not the whole Bible but parts paraphrased with linking sections and introductions from Rob Lacey. One learned commentator has written 'On scholarly grounds … I found little to correct and much to praise'. It certainly comes alive and speaks to the committed Christian, but more crucially 'It brings the word of God to life for those who have never read any version of the Bible' (Mike Pilavachi).

Buy it to refresh your own walk with the Lord in the Word, and perhaps ask some non-Christian friend to read it and get their considered opinion. You and they may be in for a great lovely surprise.