A Global Call to Prayer 

Global Call to Prayer 21 June
In response to a recent report from the Methodist Marriage and Relationships Task Group, Methodist Evangelicals Together has issued the following Statement:

Methodist Evangelicals Together continues to be committed to the Wesleyan convictions that the gospel is for all, that the Bible is our supreme rule of faith and practice, and that all Christians are called to holiness.  We therefore uphold the biblical understanding of marriage as the life-long union of one man and one woman, and call upon the Church to do the same.  We are carefully studying the report, noting that it is intended as a discussion starter rather than reaching definitive conclusions; for a fuller explanation of our position on marriage, please see our recent study guide: Remaining Faithful: Marriage and Methodism
For further information, contact:
Marian Izzard, Administrator 01983 642024 | admin@methodistevangelicals.org.uk
David Hull, Chair: 07540 724974 | chair@methodistevangelicals.org.uk

Derek Balsdon, 25/05/2019