MET Visits 

The Revd Derek Balsdon is the Development Worker for MET. Derek takes appointments around the Connexion, at the invitation of Districts, circuits and churches. if you wish to consider a booking, please contact Derek via 01260297609 or request a visit at

Examples of Preaching/Teaching themes shared by Derek Balsdon:
Scriptural Holiness
Spirit Empowered Mission
Using Spiritual Gifts within Sunday Services
Word and Spirit
Biblical Perspectives on Marriage
The Spirit of the Lord is Upon Us
Forgiveness - Enables us to Serve Well and Stay Refreshed

11th MET Executive
18th 10;00am Regional Gathering at Horsham
24th - 26th MET South West Conference, Torquay
26th am Torbay Methodist Circuit
26th pm Plymouth Central Hall

26th - 28th Ilkley: Rotherham and Dearne Valley Circuit Staff Retreat

14th - 19 ECG Scarborough
22nd - 25th Cliff College festival
28th - 29th Liverpool 200

25th - July 2nd Methodist Conference: Telford