In 1820, the Wesleyan Methodist Conference met in Liverpool to launch a turnaround plan for the denomination. The Minutes of the Conference have become one of the few official historical texts of the Methodist Church in Britain printed in Volume 1 of CPD. Two hundred years later, we are desperately in need of a new turnaround plan! As we gather in Liverpool in 2020, we will renew the Wesleyan vision and begin to develop a fresh strategy, asking the same questions John Wesley asked at the first ever Methodist Conference in 1744: What to teach? How to teach? What to do? Please do everything you can to join us!  Dates to be confirmed 
(For an excellent article on the original 1820 turnaround plan, written by Chris Ritter, a Methodist pastor in the USA, visit and for the original Liverpool Minutes of 1820 visit and scroll to p. 71)